Entomology is now out from Happenstance. You can buy it here.  One of the poems is featured here and you can also hear me read a couple of the poems  in this youtube video - from Literature Northwest

Microglossum stellatarum
Hummingbird Hawkmoth

For four hours at least we think we’ve seen
a hummingbird. It hangs by a thrum
of wings above the loaded stamens
of the bougainvillea that clings
to the warmed stone of his mountain villa –
a continent or two away from home.

In Manchester I thumb through the guide
and find a picture of a moth that hovering,
hums and dips its curved proboscis in the neck
of purple flowers. I text him. He doubts,
until he’s googled it himself, inspected
pictures of its ochre wings and silver throat,
its brindled belly fur and bright false eye 
– while the moth is graces another sky. 

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