Freelance Work

I am available to deliver poetry readings and workshops, in a variety of settings.

When I work as a poet in schools, I frequently design experiences specifically for the school and for the children involved. I work with children and young people of all ages and am experienced at working with children with special needs.

I offer readings and workshops based around Bug Music, a series of poems which give insects voice. These are accompanied by a collection of puppets, toys and models. I also offer "Juice from Oranges, Rocks from Space" readings and workshops on the theme of Migration, developed in partnership with Manchester Museum.

I run sessions for schools and community groups engaging young people in science technology and maths in ways that are creative, relevant and sometimes quite unusual.

There are a number of "off the peg" workshops you can book, but I can also work with you to devise a workshop which fulfils your needs.

Past Projects

Manchester Poetry Festival and a podcast including the poem commissioned for their Poems on the Road project along with 5 other poems from writers along the A6. 

Passing Down - a project which explored people's ideas about inheritance. 

My residency at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Buckles and Butterflies, writing poems and creating learning experiences for children at Manchester Museum

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